Sports Products Exclusively designed for Ultra Athletes

The Dream and Concept

Have Products that hold up during Ultras.
Endurance Beast enables you to focus on your PR and not worrying if the product your using will work or hold up.

Endurance Beast was created specifically by a group of ultra-athletes for ultra-athletes. The dream started with trying to find an anti-chafing Shield that really works for Ultra Trail Runs, 100 milers, not just 26.2 or for the weekend warriors.
After years of testing and thousands of trail and road miles and through all weather conditions (and many blisters) eureka “Endurance Beast Chafing Shield” was developed.
Endurance Beast Chafing Shield(Blister Shield) is Water, Sweat, Wear and Terrain resistant, plus petrolatum free!

We continued to develop quality products specifically for the unique needs of ultra-athletes. Endurance Beast products are produced to withstand the demand of a true Endurance Beast.

Your body is your machine and unlike average people it works at a higher level demanding products that work at the same levels. Endurance Beast products keep you working at your best, join our elite and exclusive team of Endurance Beast!
Every Ultra Marathon, Triathlon , Endurance Run, Ultra Trail Running and All Sport can benefit by using Endurance Beast products.